• General

    Welcome to the webpage of the book

    "Machine learning in analysis of biomedical and socio-economic data" (MLABSED 2017)!

    Best regards,
    scientific editors,
    Naidenova X.A., Military Medical Academy, Senior scientist, Candidate of Sciences in Engineering

    Yakovlev A.V., Military Medical Academy, Head of research laboratory, Candidate of Sciences in Engineering 

    Shvetsov K.V., Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, Professor, Candidate of Sciences in  Economics

    technical editor,
    Parkhomenko V.A., Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, Software engineer

    • Publication policy

      Submitted chapters should be

      • new;
      • scientific;
      • without plagiarism;
      • in scope of book topics.

      Reviewing process

      Chapter approvement for publishing in the book is based on three-five evaluations done by:

      1. Editors.
      2. Authors (cross-reviewing).
      3. Invited reviewers for separate chapters. 
      4. Two honored reviewers for all chapters.

      Honored reviewers of MLABSED:

      Viacheslav Shkodyrev, Doctor of Sciences in Engineering, SPbPU 

      Reviewers for chapters of MLABSED:

      Igor Belykh, Candidate of  Sciences in Physics and Mathematics, SPbPU,

      Elena Benderskaya, Candidate of Sciences in Engineering, SPbPU,

      Kirill Nikitin, Candidate of Sciences in Engineering, SPbPU, 

      Vadim Pak, Candidate of  Sciences in Physics and Mathematics, SPbPU,

      to be continued...